Siglingaklúbburinn Þytur - Strandgötu 88 220 Hafnarfirði


64°04.14 N 21°58.36 W

Just as Iceland is covered with ice, Hafnarfjörður is a port (Hafnarfjörður = fjord port). The town has a proud heritage as an excellent natural harbour since the 1300s. The long-established Sailing Club, Þytur, is located here. The club welcomes cruising boats to its moorings and pontoons, and has often hosted wintering boats for long periods. The location is exceptionally well protected.

Þytur sailing club

The Þytur sailing club, established in the 1970s, is the town’s leading sailing club and is very active. There are many members ready to welcome you. The club organises keelboat racing, dinghy training and kayaking.

Source: Navionics ChartViewer


Looking south, the club’s pontoon is on the left in Hafnarfjördur harbour. Beware there is 1.30m at high low tide on the East end of the pontoon. The place is reserved for shallow draught boats. The pontoons are equipped with 230V electricity and running water all year round. There arealso moorings on buoys. Gas is available from local petrol stations, the nearest one being about 1 km from the club. Around the harbour there is a petrol station which supplies petrol and diesel (cans required). For the boat, arrangements can be made with the club to fill up with diesel at the pumps afloat. Payment in cash.

The club provides its own sanitary facilities, showers, a washing machine, tumble dryer and drying racks in a heated room. You can also dry and store your sails and other equipment in the hangar, use the large meeting room or the kitchen.

As there are not many places available, and access to the pontoon and the Yacht Club requiresa card and key, you must announce your arrival by phoning the president:

Harbor master

Useful local companies

Trefjar: located on the harbour. Should you wish to be hauled out, Trefjar offers crane services and also glass fiber materials for repairs.

Isfell: In Hafnafjordur, Isfell offers marine supplies, such as fenders, marine clothing, ropes and other fittings.

About Hafnarfjörður

The town offers many cafés, restaurants (3 in front of the harbour), supermarkets, shops, banks and bakeries. A library with a foreign langage section, an art gallery and many other shops keep your leisure time busy.

The nearest KRONAN food shop is less than 400m from the port, and is open daily, so no problem if you forgot the breakfast jam. There are also several gyms and swimming pools where you can shower and soak in geothermally heated hot pots. The nearest one is a 5 minute walk from the port, with a gym, swimming pool, gym, 4 hot pots 1 jacuzzi included, 2 cold ones, sauna, hammam… free access for over 67s!

Swimming pools are full part of Icelandic culture. Don’t miss it! At the cityhall you’ll find all tourist information and a map for the hiking tracks around the area.
And club members will be glad to help you around.

Source : Thytur Sailing Club - Google Maps

Public transport

Hafnarfjörður has a population of 25,000 and is very well served by the capital’s public transport network with buses to downtown Reykjavik in less than half an hour and to Keflavik airport (bus stop no more than 6 minutes’ walk from the dock. Several shuttle companies. Public bus line 55).

Perfect for changing your crew.

Website: – Application to buy tickets: Klappið in English.


Predominant weather conditions:

Prevailing winds SE -SW – sometimes gusty. Winds of 40-50 knots are common in winter. Can sometimes reach 70 – 80 knots. And the country is not immune to exceptionally stronger conditions.

Tides: Variations up to 4.50m, spring tide 3.90m and neap tide 1.5m.
No swells.

In conclusion, Hafnarfjördur is not only a friendly stop for your summer cruise, but also a very safe wintering port.